Why Turbomandala?

the West meets the East, Dynamism meets the Sublime, Turbo-Mandala

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According to Spiritual Philosophy there are two different types of knowledge:
Worldly knowledge, which is relative, since it is acquired through the senses and processed by the intellect; and Intuitive or psycho-spiritual knowledge, which is transcendental, as it is attained when the individual mind is absorbed into the cosmic mind.

The Turbomandala project was born with the intention of taking human knowledge to infinite horizons.
Our online and onsite courses offer a comprehensive view of the meaning and ultimate purpose of life, providing help on how to live in balance in a constantly changing world. Our training path generates a true personal transformation, starting with information and then moving on to theoretical and practical training led by our team. The ultimate goal is the realisation of the Self, the awareness of our deepest Self. Our practical approach to knowledge is fully expressed in this formula: self-realisation and service to the whole universe. Get to know by exploring this website our online courses, live events, all projects and our team .

Our Activities


The desire for infinity, the need to expand in all directions, is one of the four fundamental human propensities. From an external point of view expansion is achieved by progressively conquering the entire physical universe aided by a united and benevolent society. In the inner dimension expansion is achieved by conquering one's mind and expanding the individual consciousness until it becomes ONE with the Cosmic Consciousness, which is the causal matrix of everything. Our activities, projects and institutions, as well as all the people who work in them as volunteers, have the ultimate goal of expansion Through this technological platform you too can participate both live and remotely in our many educational activities.


Our optimism stems from healthy realism combined with a form of universal idealism, a pragmatic sense of responsibility and a spirit of service. Today we can all experience that the world is in a state of great suffering so it is our task to help it through our living example.


Although we are a team of people from different cultural and professional backgrounds, we all feel a great drive for inner growth and joyful sharing of our initiatives.



As the body is our favourite machine, its care and physical activity are fundamental for the integral development of the person.


It is of the utmost importance that the mind, consisting of 7 levels and divided into an objective and a subjective part, is explored and perfected with appropriate techniques.


The individual consciousness is a reflection of the cosmic one and it clearly evidences the psychic existence and activity in the human being. True spiritual progress lies here through intuitive science.


We support animal rights, promote respect for the environment and sustainable development.


For a fairer society in which both the individual and the community can realise their highest potential.
Arte e Cultura


These are dimensions that elevate our consciousness, making the mind more subtle and receptive. Creativity at the service of aesthetics to bring union and bliss.
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Frequently asked questions

Here you may find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions relating to all areas of our activities. If you can't find the answer to your question or if you need any further information, please send us your request using the form at the bottom of the page.
Are all our courses fee-paying?
No, there are numerous free of charge courses
Where can I follow you up live?
We regularly offer seminars, retreats, holidays, conferences with our experts and qualified teachers, both in Italy and abroad.
Are the academies recognised by the state?
Even if our academies are not yet recognised by the Italian state, they are recognised by the world institution of AM Gurukula and AM International Academy.
How can I take part in your voluntary work?
Our projects give the possibility to work both part time or full time, in public events and physical projects. remotely or directly.
What is a shop for in this project?
In order to finance ideas and projects for society, in addition to donations, regular and continuous funds are needed, which is why we have set up an ad-hoc cooperative, where we have the possibility to sell also online our products.


We look forward to doing something great together. Send us a message or let us know if you are interested in learning more about our activities.
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