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“Sá vidyá yá vimuktaye"

Education is what sets us free

Yogis Academy

YOGIS Academy of Yoga and Intuitive Sciences was born in 2015 and it is affiliated with the worldwide network of education and research Ananda Marga Gurukula. It operates in Italy with the organizing support of the social promotion association Ananda Margi.


The Academy


The three-year training course in "Yoga and Intuitive Sciences" (Yogis) was born as an educational and a research project based on the teachings of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. It is open to cultural and multidisciplinary dialogue.


The purpose is to provide practical tools and extensive theoretical knowledge for self-realization and service to the universe. The course is aimed at people already introduced, or wishing to be introduced, to the practice of meditation according to the system of Tantra Yoga Ananda Marga.


The teachings are divided into the following modules:
History; Philosophy; Asana and yoga practice; Anatomy and physiology.
The teaching activity is divided into:
- Theoretical teachings: history and philosophy of Tantra Yoga in comparative East/West and interdisciplinary perspective; science of sadhana; Vidya Tantra and intuitive sciences; science of mind; ethics; theory and practice of asanas; tantric biopsychology; microlife; economic-social vision.
- Yogic practice: Paincajanya, Kiirtan, meditation, asana, mudra, bandha, pranayama, Kaoshiiki, Tandava, Dharmashastra, Karma Yoga.

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PROUT Academy

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Our academies are recognized by the worldwide institution of Ananda Marga Gurukula and Ananda Marga International Academy.

Ananda Marga Gurukula University was founded with the purpose of responding to the needs of society through the academic programs of its faculties. The University aims first of all to develop an enlightened neo-humanist society by operating in each country under a globally valid neo-humanist university charter.

The philosophy of Neohumanism contained in the Charter will be part of all curricula of the faculties and will reflect a vision of universalism, of concern for the development and progress of all groups and members of the community, of recognition of human (and animal) rights, and of a commitment to ensuring a fully satisfying way of life and comprehensive progress for all.

In each state and locally the university will contribute to the sustainability of the neighboring community (culturally, socio-economically, service and small business) by providing the necessary knowledge to achieve this development through its educational and research programs in the various faculties.

AMGK University will activate an economics department based on Prout principles.

AMGK University provides support for program development from kindergarten through college; online teacher training for New Humanist schools; certified recognition of New Humanist schools and help in evaluating teachers, students, and programs; networking through seminars, annual conferences, and online publications and resources including newsletters.

For more information contact: amgk.glo@gurukul.edu ; amgk.liaison@gurukul.edu

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