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The desire for infinity, the need to expand in all directions is one of the four fundamental specialties of the human being.
Externally this happens by progressively conquering the entire physical universe with the help of a united and benevolent society.
Internally this happens by conquering one's own mind and expanding the individual consciousness until it becomes ONE with the Cosmic Consciousness, the causal matrix of everything.
All our activities, projects and institutions, together with the people who work as volunteers, are oriented towards expansion.

Through this technological platform you too can participate in our many educational activities both on site and on line.


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Participate in one of our Workshops, there will be the opportunity to discuss, to give space to questions, concerns and doubts and to receive practical intuitive tools to improve and facilitate your daily practice.


We have many projects we care about but in order to realize them we need the help of people willing to work for the ideal of collective well-being.

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