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Balanced Economy

In many societies or civilisations this ray for the advancement of humanity is completely absent.

If it is present it completely lacks in spiritual philosophy and its practice, as in societies with communist ideology for example. In other social structures economy is normally designed only for the interest of the human species, while the planet and all other living beings have just a mere productive but any existential value. Even a part of humanity itself is excluded from the common planetary resources as it happens in capitalism or other neo-liberal doctrines. In the universal family this generates poverty, inequality and the division into economic classes.

The material, economic and social relationship between human with other living beings is a fundamental part of everyday life. A sustainable economic theory based on spiritual and social values is absolutely necessary for individual and collective progress. It can be observed that even within large religious communities whose members share the same universal social and spiritual vision enshrined in their 'sacred' scriptures, there is inequality and economic exploitation. From a theoretical viewpoint all are considered brothers and sisters belonging to the same divine family, but in practice a part of humanity is economically exploited by their own leaders or their institutions created ad hoc to perpetuate the exploitation. This is caused by a sophisticated system of fears, dogmas, inferiority complexes, guilt complexes and so on.


In developing the various spokes for social and individual progress, P.R. Sarkar introduces the economical theory of progressive utilisation, whose task is the ending of social and economic exploitation. Never to forget is that from one side an economic theory must have a certain flexibility when applicated in a relative world but on the other end it never must go against the cardinal human values of Neohumanistic vision and practice. This is an arduous task where leadership will have to balance many practical aspects of the collective life of all living beings on earth.

A society that moves forward with all its members together needs a leadership that is physically fit, mentally strong and spiritually elevated. Such leadership will lay the socio-economic foundations for an exponential increase in the quantity and quality of future leaders. These will have to overcome all obstacles arising from the self-interest of some individuals or states to the detriment of others.

The study of this new social and economic system is one of the priorities of the in-depth study we offer here on Turbomandala.

In the Balanced Economy section, you will find numerous courses and ideas to deepen the future application of a sustainable and rational socio-economic theory.

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