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Periodic Meetings


Meditation Circle

Cerchio di Maditazione

The Meditation Circle is for all those who have the wish to go more deeply into the meditative practice. There will be the opportunity to treat various themes according to your requests and curiosity. An event where we will also give some brief sessions with hints and tips on how to meditate better, kiirtan and guided meditation.


The 50 Vrtti Soap Opera

Telenovela delle Vrtti

Rage, fright, shyness, but also hopes, love, the wish to do something really special. From when we get up in the morning to when we go to sleep, and on every day of our lives, we are constantly at the mercy of a variety of tendencies in our minds. Vrtti are tendencies of the mind that define who we are, which can often act in an uncontrolled way, causing us many problems with ourselves and with relationships. Thanks to the science of biopsychology, it is possible to control this disneyland of the mind and use these inclinations of the mind to reach the highest objective.

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