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Spiritual Philosophy

With his innate need for mental expansion, in the process of the universe's evolution, the human being has discovered universal wisdom within himself, reaching the pinnacle of rational thought.
Philosophy is the expression of this subtle intellectual achievement.

Not all doctrines or philosophies are rational, dogma-free, universal or spiritual. Only the one who has reached the pinnacle of consciousness may give the exposition of an eternal philosophy. A partial attainment of Cosmic Consciousness cannot generate a complete and lasting philosophy; it cannot show the goal, the way and the deeper meaning of life.

Filosofia Spirituale

By physical law, any physical structure in the universe, whether animate or inanimate, needs a psychic entity for the maintenance of its existence. A car, a house, a city, if not maintained by a psychic entity, cannot last. Some structures may be operated by robots or sophisticated software, but without the supervision or control of a being endowed with psychic substance, they are doomed to degeneration and eventually destruction.

As soon as the mind leaves a physical structure, all the parts that were previously bound together disintegrate. As soon as the human mind leaves the physical body, which it has used temporarily as a vehicle for the earth, all the organic molecules break down and the chemical elements that composed it return to the cosmic cycle.

The same thing applies to our mental structure. In order to progress, it too needs a strong glue, a strong motivation, physical, mental and spiritual. The essential task of an holistic philosophy is not only to ensure the structural cohesion of the mind but to help the mind itself to find its most appropriate use.

The mind is in fact nothing more than an expanding and specialising “software”, to be continually updated, until its dissolution in the spiritual dimension, from which it emerged and to which it aspires again, being by nature in constant search of lasting happiness.
The mind thirsts for infinity.
Hence the need for a clear, rational, universal and pragmatic psycho-spiritual projection of philosophy.

According to Spiritual Science philosophy must necessarily comprise six sections or branches:

  • Ontology
  • Metaphysics
  • Axiology or Ethics
  • Epistemology
  • Psychology or the Science of the mind
  • Scientific theory of physical-psycho-spiritual practice or spiritual worship

All these branches, or sections, are addressed in our Online and Onsite courses and they are critically compared with other philosophies, doctrines or currents of thought.

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