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Practice of Spiritual Science

Every inanimate being longs for the evolved physical structure owned by every animate being, while this latter yearns for ever more powerful bodies to contrast the constant wearing down of nature.

The desire for expansion and physical, psychic and spiritual progress, together with the strong desire to increase one's mental mass and volume are compelling needs of every living being.
The mental substance was coined in parapsychology with the term ectoplasm. It represents the core of the study of the spiritual science identified with Tantra that originated some 7500 years ago in northern India. A mental operating system that is always up to date can survive the many challenges of nature and life, which is why the entire microcosm is on a frantic search for more ectoplasm.


How to increase the mass and volume of the psyche? Where does one get the raw material to produce the mental substance? And how to sublimate the same mental substance into mystical or spiritual experiences? Tantra is the way and Yoga is the goal. In spiritual worship the Bio-psychological practice is essential in order to supply the mind with that raw material in the form of “life-blood” (pranarasa), necessary to expand its mass and volume.

In nature this already happens due to the physical and psychic difficulties that are constantly keeping the microcosm in inter-ectoplasmic conflict activities. The constant molecular and atomic clashes in the nerve fibres and cells sublimate the physical particles into ectoplasmic particles, defined in Tantra as Cittanu, that is mental particles. Hence difficulties are nothing but evolutionary factors for the mind. In Tantra this struggle against obstacles to achieve spiritual union with Cosmic Consciousness is called Sadhana: constant effort to achieve the goal (Yoga).

What determines the maximum speed of ectoplasmic expansion is the "attraction towards a larger, more evolved, more loving entity"; in nature this can be observed particularly in mammals that possess a complex social group organisation. In addition to conflicts of physical and psychic nature, the members of such a family in fact also enjoy the care and love of the group. The attraction and attachment that the pups have towards the adult animal are the factors that accelerate the expansion of the mental substance. In the human being it is initially the parents or guardians who play this role, then the teachers and so on. In their desperate search for endless happiness human beings must necessarily accept Cosmic Consciousness as the only true infinite Entity.

Psycho-spiritual or meditative practice aims at this inner relationship with the Supreme Self, which is none other than our individual self expanded to infinity.

Spiritual Worship is a system of physical, mental and spiritual practices that aims at the sublimation of matter into psychic particles and the sublimation of the latter into Pure Consciousness.

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