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Social Cooperative Onlus

Thanks to the desire of 8 members to develop a society oriented on the values of solidarity, inclusion and moral and spiritual growth, in June 2018 the Social Cooperative Dharmica was founded. Its purpose is to promote, encourage and support the achievement of a permanent global well-being of each person through various initiatives and services aimed at improving the conditions of physical, emotional and mental health.

What is the mission of the cooperative Dharmica is already inherent in its name: Dharma.
Dharma is a Sanskrit word and identifies the intrinsic characteristic or nature of both an animate and inanimate entity.
To give some examples, the Dharma of water is transparency, fluidity, absence of smell; that of fire is to burn and make light; the Dharma of plants is to grow, of animals is to move etc...  The Dharma of human beings is the desire to constantly expand, to love unconditionally, to serve creation selflessly and to desire the union with the Cosmic entity. The name Dharmic then stands for progress and service in all spheres: physical, mental and spiritual;
both personal and social, including animals, plants and minerals.


Why a cooperative?

We believe the Cooperative system is the one responding most adequately to the needs of all the human beings. We want to emphasize their existential value and not only the productive value as it often happens in the capitalist exploitation system. Cooperatives are born with the intention of satisfying the economic, social and cultural needs of their members and the human element tends to prevail over the economic one. Within the cooperative all members have equal rights and everyone can contribute to the realization of the cooperative project.


It is a multifunctional holistic center with a small store with handicrafts from the world and products for wellness. The physical place where to propose training activities, events, paths of personal growth. The services offered include:

  • Conference room and treatment space.
  • Dead Sea or Himalayan salt cave.
  • Yoga and Meditation classes for all ages.
  • Shiatzu, Pilates, soft gymnastics, Kaoshikii Dance, Thai Chi, Qi Gong.
  • Events and courses on sustainable and ethical economy.
  • Resale of handicrafts from the world.
  • Evenings of collective meditation and kiirtan.
  • Neohumanist education and pedagogy and Yoga for children.
Stanza sale


Our commitment is to invest in projects for a new humanity in order to promote the complete and harmonious development of the human being and his potential on the physical, mental and spiritual level. We want to encourage and support the development of a society based on ethical values and of balanced and sustainable life models.

Development of neo-humanist education projects for both children and adults..
This educational model starts from the assumption that universal moral values are the fundamental requirement for a balanced life and for a harmonious and cooperative human society. The 'love for all creatures, animate and inanimate is the basis of this philosophy and the development of this unconditional love is what makes human life full and fulfilled.

Seminars, training courses and insights on models of sustainable economics and ethics
not focused on profit as the sole purpose but to the welfare and satisfaction of the needs of all.

Opening and management of other multifunctional centers on the national territory for the development
of the various activities of the cooperative:

information, training, education, cultural promotion and diffusion, publishing with reference to the integral well-being of the individual and society.


Contact Person: Turiya

Facebook: Dharmica Point.

Email: dharmicacoop@gmail.com

Dharmica Cooperative is a non-profit organization.

Any activity is carried out on a non-profit basis but has as its objective the moral,
cultural, professional and social growth of people who are in need
both Members and non-members.