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 Il Nuovo Mondo

“Il Nuovo Mondo”, project of Neohumanist inspiration.

"Il Nuovo Mondo" is a project of Neohumanist inspiration. Il Nuovo Mondo was born from the shared desire to realize that dream
we all have for our children: a path of growth respecting the individual rithm and preserving those values that too often we adults loose.
Those values so natural in our children as empathy, respect, curiosity and fantasy.
Lightheartedness but also courage and the right amount of recklessness!

Learning to do it by themselves, learning all together and learning from what nature has to offer them.
We do not believe that there is a perfect model but we are convinced that our vision supported by the knowledge of different pedagogies
has created the best possible path for them, a pattern to be applied inside and outside the family context. From the experiential learning in nature of
Montessori and Steiner, at the basis of our project, to the NeoHumanist education of Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar, based on the principles of universal love,
on the necessity of spiritual development, on the ability to make the best use of one's rationality and feelings,
taking care of oneself and of all the creatures of planet earth.

This is possible only with activities that bring children in close contact with nature, that make them explore and
understand their creative potential, removing any feelings of inferiority.
To date in the world there are already many schools of all orders following these principles.


Contact Person: Katijusa

Facebook: Centro Jaya.

Email: katjusaviel@gmail.com

Only from a new education we can think of a new society. This is our dream for them, described here in a few simple words but as great as the love we feel for them.
We believe in it very much and we want to share it with other parents who are dreamers like us. Together we can turn a great dream into reality.