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Social Vision

Society is made up of several individuals who share a common goal ideally inspired by the universal moral values of love, respect and spiritual progress.

This social vision of a “universal family” must be extended to all forms of life both animate and inanimate. It represents a necessary and essential development determining for modern society the transition from humanism to a Neo-humanism.


Neohumanism is an expanded social vision of human love for the entire cosmic manifestation. Humans, animals, plants and minerals should live together in harmony and social justice. The responsibility for this social management lies with people of the highest consciousness and it is not in the hands of clever exploiters, who pursue through the use of dogma and propaganda their private interests at the expense of collective well-being.

The theory and practice of social equality must uncompromisingly oppose the selfishness of certain individuals or groups of individuals even if they number in the millions. Proceeding together towards a common universal goal is the only guarantee for the physical, mental and spiritual progress of all.

In his exposition of the six rays for the progress of society, P.R. Sarkar attaches tremendous value to a vision based on a social philosophy that frees the intellect of the human being from all its internal and external barriers.

The understanding and practice of the previous two rays, that is the philosophy and the physical-psycho-spiritual practice, are fundamental experiences that a neo-humanist should have in his/her DNA to express this universal vision in his/her life and in the exercise of his/her social responsibility.

Rational-intuitive thinking and universal love are essential principles in the formation of neohumanists. The role of education and neohumanist education in achieving this is a priority in the universal society.

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