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Our Distance Learning proposal.

Turbomandala makes its appearance in the proven context of the distance learning (DL). This mode of training is presented as a winning solution for those who wish to acquire new skills without being limited by the alleged proximity or geographical distance.

E-learning is the most recent and innovative evolution of distance learning: it allows you to take advantage of the training of highly qualified teachers without the need for physical presence, attending classes directly from home, using Internet and the most advanced communication technologies.
Through DL Turbomandala offers a customized preparation and accompanies the student in a personalized path of study.

The training is a process of personal growth not only providing new technical skills but allowing to expand your culture, knowledge, experiences and vision of life.


Marga: The Path

During these years dedicated to the training of Yoga and Meditation Teachers we have outlined a study path allowing to guide you gradually in the comprehensive study of Yoga in all its facets. It is necessary to gradually acquire all the aspects of Yoga in an organised way so to avoid being stuck in a particular phase of the study path. it can be difficult for example to study the ancient texts describing in details the philosophy of Yoga, being these rich in complex concepts summarized in a very syntheticy way in "sutra" or "sloka".

Acquiring a basic knowledge of the fundamental terminology of Yoga in Sanskrit language allows to speed up not only the learning but also the memorization process of the fundamental principles of Yoga. In the first phase of the course elements of Sanskrit are taught applied first to the study of the names of the practices while in a more advanced phase they will be applied to the study of the "sutra" contained in the ancient texts.

The study of asana, pranayama and Yoga practices related to them (bandha, kriya, mudra, etc.) is presented in a gradual and progressive way to the future teacher, following a classification based on the different levels of difficulty, on the categories of involved benefits and on the psychophysical systems stimulated.

Our Online Courses

Technology today allows us to offer you online courses at any time and place you are. You can choose training paths proposed by our staff or customized. A wide variety of topics are offered, all of them with the aim of a single goal, the expanding knowledge.


A practical and immediate training tool through which you can reach thousands of users in real time. They are seminars transmitted online through a specific platform.

Our Academies

Our Academies are recognized by the worldwide institution of Ananda Marga Gurukula and by Ananda Marga International Academy.