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SEVA = Selfless Service

Seva is a term of Sanskrit origin to indicate the selfless service, that is the service performed without any expectation of result or reward for the person who performs it.
Selfless service is a type of service done without expecting anything in return. The idea behind it is to make available to others one’s own skills and talents, knowledge and free time without expectations but only with the intent and the joy of being able to give.
On this page you can discover how you can be useful to society in Italy and abroad.


Let everyone do service to the world according to his or her abilities.
Work for the welfare of living beings to the best of your ability.

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti in Lo Yoga del Cuore

Various types of Volunteering

We have many projects that are close to our hearts but in order to realize them we need the help of people willing to work for an ideal of collective well-being. It is not necessary to have particular qualifications but everyone can contribute according to their inclinations.

Occasional Volunteering

Dedicated to those who have the desire to contribute to our projects even though they don't have much time available.
F.D. Roosevelt's quote “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” expresses well the concept behind occasional volunteering. It will be possible to collaborate during the events on site or to make available for a limited period of time your own skills even from home.

Part-Time Volunteering

This type of volunteering, which is conceived as medium to long term, gives you the opportunity to balance your work life with the opportunity to actively participate and get involved in society or to gain experience for a few months in our many affiliated projects around the world.
After participating in a training session it will be possible to become a part-time volunteer and be a reference point in the organization and management of our activities and beyond.

Full-Time Volunteering

In order to live more deeply the experience of volunteering and personal training, those who want to devote a year or more of their life to the service will receive training appropriate to the responsibilities that will be assigned to them.
There will be an opportunity to meet new people, new places and have an incredible adventure. The only requirement to volunteer is the desire to do it, there is no age limit. People who after retiring feel the urge to still contribute actively in society are also welcome.

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