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A practical and easy training tool through which you can reach thousands of users in real time. Webinars are seminars transmitted online through a dedicated platform. Through a video window
that is available automatically the users can follow the trainer and submit questions by typing them in a chat shared with other participants. It is a very easy educational approach allowing to keep the attention level high and receive valuable information and knowledge in an interactive and exciting way.

What people say?

Thank you very much, we really needed one of your enlightening speeches today, in this negative period it is difficult to stay on the "right path" and it is easy to get overwhelmed by bad emotions.

Manuela But

What people say?

So much great information.
Thank you!

Daniela Sandri

What people say?

As always,
a beautiful and interesting experience!

Maurizio De Mita

Webinars Archive

If you missed one of our Webinars or simply want to review a topic followed in the past, consult our catalog and review the webinar comfortably.
Locandina Yuga Sandhi
Yuga Sandhi
In the Hindu religion Yuga is a long period of time relating to the present, past or future of the world.
Shiva e i 7 Segreti
Shiva and the 7 Secrets of Success
We will talk about Shiva, a great yogi who lived over 7000 years ago, whose wisdom is still valid and inspirational today.
Il ruolo dell'etica nello yoga
The role of Ethics in Yoga
How to achieve a more focused and balanced mind that would be our partner during meditation?