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Do you know the difference between workshop, course, seminar, conference?

We will try to clarify the meaning of workshop.

If you are looking for events that are not only communicative but also and above all formative, if you are for quality content and active participation in discussions, read carefully what is written on this page.


Originally the word Workshop simply identified the laboratories-workshops in which something was materially built. With the diffusion of design and creative professions workshop has extended its meaning to include meetings and gatherings in which all are involved as active participants, animating the discussion, sharing ideas and elaborating solutions, achieving tangible results. It is not important whether the result is material or immaterial, whether the workshop produces a product idea or a creative idea, whether one works on a physical prototype or an abstract concept. What is important is that the result is the fruit of everyone's participation, that everyone "gets their hands dirty", that a synthesis of the process of mutual contamination takes place.

A workshop is organized when you want to do research, brainstorming, when you want to find answers to interesting questions together. Everyone from the organizers to the participants share the project experience.

A workshop is a course where you have an experienced professional who supports you and shares his professionalism in the field. He doesn't lecture from a chair or a stage but he talks to you as a peer.

What happens more and more often is to see the word "workshop" attached to any course or seminar simply because it's nicer (or rather cooler) to advertise it that way. In reality in most cases we are faced with a classic one-way course or seminar, a stage with speakers who show slides to an audience of spectators.
People who propose their vision of things and professionals who tell how they work can certainly be interesting but defining these events as workshops is not correct.

Seminars and Conferences are something else compared to the dynamics of a workshop.
In seminars and conferences you can find smart professionals who have important concepts to convey. Often these events end with the possibility of a final discussion between the speakers and the audience, sometimes even with the possibility of meeting the speakers themselves to explore specific topics. Thematic handouts are distributed and other initiatives can be interesting but to be honest a workshop is quite a different experience.

A workshop is a real laboratory, made up of large tables with many chairs around them, of speakers-tutors sitting elbow to elbow with spectators-actors.
This is a workshop.

Our Workshop proposals

The workshop is a formative and transformative tool in which all participants are active protagonists, during which, through sharing, confrontation and mutual interaction, concepts are deepened. It is thus possible to directly experience new ideas and internalize them in order to put them into practice in everyday life. Moments of workshop, debate and lectures will alternate with the practice of asana, kiirtan and meditation.

Base Level
The Workshops called "Basic" are short training sessions, usually 2/4 hours, where we introduce topics and approaches to the subject.
Advanced Level
“Advanced” Workshops are single-subject training events, distributed in a single day during which we discuss a specific topic.
Residential Retreat
The “Residential” workshops are theoretical, practical and experiential and are usually dedicated to specific in-depth topics.

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Past workshops photos

We have collected the most beautiful, most exciting and most engaging moments of the past workshops.
Our thanks go to all the collaborators, to the municipalities that have hosted us or granted spaces and to the many participants from all over Italy and beyond, they represent
the real strength of these meetings.